Advertising Policy for Journal of Language Teaching

Purpose: The Journal of Language Teaching is committed to maintaining the integrity and focus of its scholarly content. As such, our advertising policy is designed to clarify the nature and scope of advertisements that appear within our publication.

Scope of Advertising:

  1. No Third-Party Advertising:

    • The Journal of Language Teaching does not accept or display any third-party advertisements. This policy ensures that our content remains focused and relevant to our readership without the influence of external commercial interests.
  2. Journal Promotions:

    • The only form of advertising that the Journal incorporates is the promotion of its own calls for papers, upcoming special issues, or announcements relevant to the academic community we serve. These advertisements are created and managed by the editorial team of the Journal of Language Teaching.

Placement and Presentation:

  • Location within Publications:
    • Promotional content is strictly placed after the main content of articles. This placement ensures that the academic integrity of the articles is not compromised and that there is a clear distinction between the scholarly content and promotional material.
  • Design and Format:
    • Promotions are designed to be immediately recognizable as separate from academic content. They maintain a consistent format that distinguishes them visually from research articles, reviews, and other scholarly material.

Editorial Independence:

  • Non-Influence on Editorial Decisions:
    • The inclusion of journal-related advertisements does not influence the editorial process of the Journal of Language Teaching. Decisions regarding the acceptance, peer review, and publication of articles are made based on scholarly merit and relevance to the field of language teaching, independent of any promotional activities.
  • Separation of Editorial and Promotional Content:
    • Editorial content is created, reviewed, and published without regard to the promotional activities of the Journal. The separation is maintained to uphold the objectivity and credibility of our academic output.

The advertising policy of the Journal of Language Teaching is aligned with our commitment to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and transparency. We limit our advertising solely to internal promotions to maintain focus and minimize distractions for our readers. This approach ensures that our readers engage with content that is strictly academic and directly relevant to their interests in the field of language teaching.

For any questions regarding this policy or any other aspect of our journal’s operations, please contact our editorial office.