Copyright and Licensing Policy for the Journal of Language Teaching

1. Copyright Policy:

  • Ownership: Copyrights for articles published in Journal of Language Teaching are held by the authors or by the Journal, depending on the agreement at the time of submission. This information is detailed in the author agreement forms and is explicitly stated in each published article.
  • Author Guidelines: Our author guidelines clearly outline the copyright policies, including the rights of authors and the journal. These guidelines are available on the journal’s website and are provided to authors during the submission process.

2. Licensing Information:

  • General Licensing Terms: All articles published in Journal of Language Teaching are available under a Creative Commons license. The specific type of license (e.g., CC BY, CC BY-NC) is chosen by the author from the options we provide, which allows users to freely read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, provided the original work and source are properly cited.
  • Article Display: The applicable Creative Commons license is prominently displayed on both the HTML and PDF versions of each published article, ensuring that the terms are clear and accessible to readers and users of the journal.

3. Requirements Under Creative Commons Licenses:

  • Specific License Requirements: When authors choose to publish under a Creative Commons license, they must ensure that they comply with the terms of the license. This includes proper attribution and, if the chosen license includes such stipulations, limitations on commercial use and derivative works.
  • Guidance on Compliance: Journal of Language Teaching provides detailed explanations of each Creative Commons license type and assists authors in understanding and fulfilling these requirements.

4. Policies on Posting in Third-Party Repositories:

  • Final Accepted Manuscript: Authors are permitted to deposit the final accepted version of their manuscripts in personal or institutional repositories immediately upon acceptance, provided that the repository acknowledges that the manuscript has been accepted for publication in Journal of Language Teaching and includes a link to the published version.
  • Published Version: Authors can also deposit the published version (PDF/HTML) of the article in a repository, subject to the Creative Commons license terms under which the article was published. This deposit should clearly include a citation and a link to the original publication in Journal of Language Teaching.

5. Transparency and Accessibility:

  • Documentation: All copyright and licensing information is documented and easily accessible on the Journal of Language Teaching's website, ensuring transparency and adherence to ethical standards in scholarly publishing.
  • Updates and Amendments: The Journal reserves the right to update these policies as necessary to adapt to changes in licensing standards and copyright law. All such updates will be clearly communicated through the journal’s website.